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This translation is provided for your convenience. Although efforts have been made to ensure its accuracy, the Norwegian version of these terms should be considered authoritative.

The service Albillett is provided by Hastek AS (organisation number 925 567 752). Information and images on the Albillett website are the property of Hastek AS, event organisers, and their partners, and may not be copied or reused without permission. Hastek AS can be reached on publikum@albillett.no, and the company’s address is Maridalsveien 44A, 0458 Oslo, Norway.


The seller is Hastek AS, and is in the following termed the seller/we/us. The buyer is the consumer who places the order, and is in the following termed the buyer/you.

When you purchase a ticket on our site, Hastek AS is the party which sells you the ticket in accordance with an agreement reached between the seller and the organiser of the event for which the ticket is valid. All prices are named in Norwegian kroner, and include ticket fees and any VAT. Any disputes which arise as a result of the use of this service should be resolved within the Norwegian legal system.


We kindly remind you that the Cancellation Act lists ticket sales as an exemption from the right to cancel distance contracts. Should the event be cancelled, the buyer will have a right to a refund. Ticket fees of 4 NOK per ticket + 3,5 % of the ticket price are non-refundable. Ordinarily you will not be entitled to a refund or a cancellation in other circumstances unless the event description says otherwise.

In the case of an event cancellation, requests for a refund should be directed to Hastek AS. In cases where you are entitled to a refund, the refund should be made no later than 30 days after we’ve received your claim.


The agreement is binding for both parties once the buyer has sent their order to the seller.

The agreement is, however, not binding if a typing mistake or spelling mistake has been made in the offer from the seller or in the buyer’s order and the other party realised – or should have realised – that such a mistake had been made.


Payment occurs through your chosen payment method. Payment services for Vipps are provided by Dintero and their partners. Should you choose to pay by card, the payment service will be provided by Stripe. When you pay through Vipps, Dintero is the data controller, and their privacy policy can be found here. If you choose to pay by card, Hastek is the data controller. Your payment card will be charged immediately upon placement of an order.


Personal data which is collected on the Albillett website is used so that we can fulfil our obligations towards you. In certain instances, we will also collect data for the purpose of coronavirus tracing. More information about how Varinnom processes your information can be found here.

Your email address and phone number are deleted from Albillett’s servers no later than 180 days after the event for which you have purchased a ticket. Your name and the event for which you have purchased a ticket may be retained longer. We consider this to be in our legitimate interest, as we need it in order to process any inquiries from you after the event.

The event organiser has access to your full name, your email address, and, if you provide it, your phone number. The event organiser is, through their agreement with us, obligated to delete this information no later than 180 days after the event for which you purchased a ticket.

In some cases, we require you to provide a phone number when placing a ticket order. Your phone number may in these cases be used to text you a code. In situations where the event organiser for example wishes to limit the number of tickets one person can buy, your phone number may be used for this purpose.

We will never sell your data to third parties. When you choose to pay by card, the data necessary for processing the transaction is shared with Stripe, a US company. The data transfer is regulated by a data processing agreement between Hastek and Stripe, which includes the EU-approved standard contractual clauses pertaining to data transfers to countries outside the EEA.

You have the right to object to our processing, and you may request to view, correct, delete, limit, and be provided with a copy of your data. Please contact us on publikum@albillett.no if you have such an inquiry. We inform you that we may ask you to provide identification before such an inquiry is processed.


Albillett uses very few cookies in order to provide our service. The ones we do use are necessary for the service to function, for example to avoid double payments. If your browser does not accept cookies, you will not be able to make a purchase through Albillett. You may easily change your browser’s settings so that it will accept cookies. We do not use cookies to gather or retain your personal data.


We will send your tickets to the email address you have provided. Therefore, please take care to write it out correctly. If you can’t find your tickets in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Please contact us if you still can’t find your tickets.